Five Digital Marketing Pros Who Will Help You Make Money

Five Digital Marketing Pros Who Will Help You Make Money

The marketers I write about in this post will not only help you make money, they will help you avoid making stupid mistakes.

And helping you avoid making mistakes is half the battle.

The Internet is awash in self professed gurus hawking everything from SEO, crafting the perfect blog post, to packing your sales funnel with thousands of eager customers.

Most of them produce very slick, convincing looking content – and not all of that content is bad.

Yet, a few minutes spent looking around for advice on content marketing, SEO, digital strategies to grow your business, writing great digital content will illustrate my point.

How do you pinpoint the people who are worth listening to?

I learned through trial and error.

This is a no BS list of influential digital marketers that I follow on a regular, sustained basis.

When they post something, I pay attention. When they send an email, I read it. If they do a podcast, I listen.

So, after scanning, reading, subscribing to dozens of experts, these are the five I consistently follow.

And I think you should too.

One thing I’ve learned in the digital marketing business is that you always have to be learning.   When you are not trying out ideas on your own, for your own business or on behalf of clients, you need to be reading, listening and absorbing information about the marketplace, to see what’s working and what’s not.

Things change fast.  If you don’t keep up, you’ll be left behind.

And since I’m hunting that great white whale, I can’t let that happen. Nor can you.

Now, one other thing … this list is not organized into the most important to the least important. Every one of these people is a number ONE in terms of their influence and command.

I had to start somewhere.

noah-kagan-2-199x300#1  Noah Kagan/

Areas of expertise: Content marketing, digital marketing, email marketing and entrepreneurship

When I first heard Noah Kagan speaking on a podcast with Tim Ferriss my first thought was who is this hipster kid and what can he possibly have to say about online marketing that would interest me?

Well, a whole lot.

Noah was the #4 employee at Mint – and he left to start his own business. Yes, you read that right. He left Mint.  He wrote about his rationale for doing so.

He left to do his own thing.  That takes balls.


How Noah will help you make money

Noah writes about a variety of topics that can help you including content marketing, SEO, how to engage your customers to get them to keep coming back, how to set up your website/blog to appeal to customers and so much more.

He also operates an online business called Appsumo which offers great deals on useful apps and tools and Sumome which offers tools designed to grow your website’s traffic.  I use a bunch of his tools on my own site.  Take a look around and you’ll see the share bar on the left hand side of the page and more.

These I got from Appsumo.

Something else that Noah does that I find really cool.  He holds live webinars from time to time where he walks you through actual web sites and discusses what makes them good and not so good. He points out flaws in how they are set up and offers help on how to focus the message.  I’ve sat in on one or two of these and they are terrific.

You’ll learn more in one 50 minute webinar with Noah than reading fifty blog posts elsewhere.

Because of what I’ve learned from him, I feel like I owe him a taco or two or three.  Evidently, he LOVES tacos.

You can’t go wrong following Noah.


neilpatel#2 Neil Patel/Quicksprout

Areas of expertise: content marketing, email marketing, digital marketing, entrepreneurship

Patel embodies the American dream.  An Indian whose family emigrated to the United States when he was a young boy, Patel went on to cofound CrazyEgg, Hello Bar and KISSmetrics.  That alone should make you take notice …

… but its his work with QuickSprout that speaks to me.

How Neil will Help You Make Money

QuickSprout is where Patel helps others to get more traffic and eyeballs on the Web so they can grow their businesses.

I’m an avid reader and I think you should be too if you have an interest in mastering content marketing and email marketing.  Patel spends a lot of time in his blog posts explaining how to write great content, how to market that content, how to find attention grabbing ideas your audience will love and more.

I suggest you sign up for his email newsletter which is free.  You’ll stand to learn a ton of helpful, actionable information that you can use immediately.


BrianDean#3 Brian Dean/Backlinko

 Areas of expertise: content marketing, email marketing, SEO

Brian is founder and CEO of the popular SEO and conversion rate optimization-focused blog, Backlinko. Through Backlinko, Brian teaches online marketers practical strategies that they can use to get more traffic, leads and sales.

In term of background, Brian had been studying for a PhD program in nutrition (he already had a masters degree from Tufts) when he decided to drop out.  He attempted to get a job but found that difficult and then decided to develop an information product and market it.

Backlinko is the result of all of his learnings.  He now teaches others how to avoid the mistakes he made with a faster path to success instead.

An interview here goes into more detail.

How Brian Will Help You Make Money

Brian teaches you how to build a successful website/blog through link building, actionable and practical SEO, and step by step content strategies that work. He also offers an online course to those who seek more help.

I’ve taken his SEO That Works course and can vouch for its value.  There is a lot of meat on the bone with Brian’s course and you will not be disappointed.  He shows you how to use hard data to develop great content and how to amplify that content to get blog traffic and good SEO ranking.  Its no nonsense.

Just do it.  You’ll thank me later.

#4 Ramit Sethi/IWillTeachYouToBeRichramit sethi

Areas of expertise: systems thinking for business, personal finance, surveying your audience to find out what they really want

Ramit is a different guy.  He does not accept paying students if they are in credit card debt.  He simply doesn’t.

I have to say that stunned me — and it impressed me and prompted me to look into Ramit further and to learn about what he teaches.

And its not just about saving money and preaching about staying on a budget — because most people don’t do that!

Ramit looks at wealth much differently.  To him, wealth is about an affirmative mindset rather than a negative one. Its about psychology.

Also, its not just for personal finance, but all aspects of life including money, careers, relationships, business, fitness and more.

How Ramit will help you make money

Ramit’s point is that we, as a culture, are awash with information. we don’t just need more information.  Instead we need to master the psychology and systems that will help us do what we already know we need to do.

Ramit  will shatter your preconceptions about how you think and why you the way you do. Let me give you a couple of examles: will power is limited — AND — pursuing your passion is too.  Yet, how often to you hear the opposite?

Here’s Ramit in his own words:

… there ARE systems that will help: For example, I’ll show you the exact system I use to automate my finances, which allows me to spend less than 1 hour/month on my money and hit all my savings, investment, and even spending goals (on the things I love and spend on, guilt-free).

No BS.

#5 Steve Scott/SteveScottSitestevescott

Areas of expertise: Kindle publishing, content marketing, email marketing

I had no idea who Steve Scott was until I listened to a podcast by James Altucher where Steve was the guest.  During the podcast, James asked Steve how much money he made every month through his books.

Steve indicated that he was making approximately $40 thousand per month.

Forty grand. 

Oh, okay.  My ears perked up and my preconceptions about book publishing went out the window.  I had always heard that books didn’t make money for the authors unless you happened to be lucky enough to be a New York Times best selling author.

So much for that.

I started following Steve’s blog and got on his email list.  One thing I like about Steve is that he does not blast you with too much information via email.  He sends you valuable, actionable information that you can put to good use for yourself.

How Steve will help you make money

Here are a few of the ways Steve will help you …

  • How to find book ideas that people want and that sell
  • Strategies about how to engage with readers and get repeat customers (via books and email marketing)
  • Steve offers up what he calls an  “Authority Internet Business” case study.  It lays out how to grow a business from scratch
  • Kindle publishing is a jungle and Steve shows you how to get the answers to YOUR Kindle publishing questions

I own a number of Steve’s Kindle books and refer back to them all the time.  Steve is the real deal and does not steer you wrong.

Also, for the money you spend on Steve’s books, you’ll likely have a hard time finding value like that again.

Here’s my shameless plug …

I write to try to help people improve their marketing and grow their business and to achieve success.

Make sure you’ve got bookmarked because I’ll never leave you adrift on the merciless sea of marketing.

Now you have five of my top digital marketers who will help you make money.

Visit their blogs, add them to your RSS readers, subscribe to their email lists.  Also, if you wouldn’t mind, please let them know who sent you!  I can use all the help I can get.

If there are any influential marketers you recommend, please let me know!  This list is not exhaustive and there are plenty of others out there. This is a  sampling of five digital marketing experts I read consistently.  I find them useful and I hope you do too.

I’d love to hear your input so let me have it! Please comment below to let me know.

One other thing… If you like this post, please “Like” it, “Tweet” it, or whatever you like to do to show people you like a post.

Looking forward to your comments!


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